I don't discriminate, I grow with both soil and hydroponic techniques. Though this is the Hydro Review, you will also find soil and coco gardening products as well. =)
CA prop.215 compliant


Atami Bloombastic

Talk about an all in one! Ok, I know I will be reviewing many bloom boosters here because I am always trying new stuff, but I want this one to stand out. There are many different bloom boosters that contain different micro-nutrients that make up the formula. There are not many that take all of them and put it into one. Thats where Bloombastic came through like a ton of bricks.

This stuff is like thick green yogurt, but it will dissolve into your water easily. I may recommend a small pump to keep the water circulating because this stuff is clay based and it will sink to the bottom over time if left unsettled. A bit of a drawback, but I really cant complain after seeing what tis stuff can do.

This "pure mineral" PK booster with plant metabolizers will for sure increase your plants yield, flavors, and oils. It works, it works very well. The best way to describe this bloom booster would be to label it as a booster, accelerator, top hardener, quality improver, and an oil increasing product.

You are going to pay a pretty penny for it, but if you look at everything it contains, and look at the price of buying all the stuff it contains individually, then look at the 4ml per gallon dilution rate, it's really worth every penny. Give it a try.